RuleSafe for Managing Compliance


As the regulatory compliance landscape becomes steadily more complex, the risks associated with noncompliance grow more costly. In an Ernst & Young survey of 1,300 organisations worldwide, nearly two-thirds of respondents said compliance is the primary driver of information security at their businesses, followed by worms and viruses and meeting business objectives. But actually achieving and sustaining compliance with the myriad statutes and regulations is an increasingly complex challenge for all businesses.

"The sheer number of regulations and the consequences of not complying have brought information security into the boardroom," the report stated. "Yet many organisations are missing the rare investment opportunities that compliance offers to promote information security as an integral part of their business." Managing compliance is therefore all about managing complexity, and ensuring that everyone in the structure is aware of their own responsibilities and what they must do to remain compliant in context of their own role.


One major issue in most organisations is that risk and compliance ownership is 'siloed' across the business with each area being held by  different stakeholders. Workers and managers are subjected to a bewildering array of requirements coming at them from all directions with little apparent coordination, and the results are gaps or overlaps of wasted effort, information overload and general confusion. Moving from this situation to a state of 'joined-up governance' is key to achieving control of your compliance culture.


For many organisations, RuleSafe has provided the core framework for achieving this state of joined-up governance, by aligning all internal policies and procedures against an agreed framework and set of key reference points such as employee roles, business process or the organisational structure, thereby turning the myriad requirements into 'structured information' which can be searched, managed, maintained and communicated more effectively, and the effectiveness of compliance programmes more easily measured.


RuleSafe's unique personalisation and dashboard features ensure that each employee is kept regularly updated and aware of their individual GRC responsibilities relevant to their particular role, function or position in the company. Managers have an additional dashboard showing the progress of their staff towards their awareness, knowledge tests and acceptance of responsibility objectives, and also how their overall group, team or division is performing against the rest of the organisation overall.


RuleSafe's integral document management system with its change-managed versioning and multi-level permissions framework is a secure repository for your core compliance documents. Documents may be linked to policies and procedures ensuring that each employee and manager can easily find the information they need at all levels of detail. The library of internal controls is then cross-mapped to relevant external rules and regulations along with the measured status of each control - displayed as management scorecards.


Proving compliance today is as much about proving employees and responsible persons have the requisite knowledge and training to perform their work in a compliant fashion. Requirements such as anti-money laundering and other regulated business functions require that staff undertake periodic testing. RuleSafe allows you to create, deploy and manage online testing of employees with fixed or random quizzes, targeted at specific individuals and managers according to their precise roles and functional responsibilities.

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