Our Core Values

Masters of GRC

Secoda - Masters of GRC Solutions & Services

Formed in 2002 by former heads of Information Security and Technology Risk Management from some of the world's best-known organisations, Secoda develops, sells and maintains the RuleSafe suite of GRC software applications, as well as providing the support and consulting services on which many thousands of corporate users depend for their employee GRC programmes. We make products that customers can actually use and derive instant benefits from.

Our Focus on Customer Need

We are wholly focussed on customers' GRC requirements

We firmly believe that the best products and solutions originate with customers and not with vendors. No two organisations are alike. Consequently we work very closely with all of our customers to ensure that the solution supplied to them exactly meets their needs. We rely on our customers to help us steer our product roadmap in the same direction they are headed. This not only makes for satisfied customers; it also keeps our products closely aligned with your present and future business needs.

Trusted Partner

RuleSafe is trusted by some of the world's largent organisations

90% of our customers are repeat customers who keep coming back year after year for more products, services or support. We are a trusted provider of GRC solutions and services to some of the world's best known organisations across various industry sectors. Building customer confidence and trust is key to Secoda's mission and core values, as we rely on our customers not just for revenue, but also as partners who help us to continue to develop the best products and services to fit their needs.

Innovation is Key

Continuous Innovation is Core to our Business Strategy

According to a survey of 765 chief executives from all around the world carried out by IBM, 65% are convinced that they will have to make fundamental changes to their businesses over the next two years, and that means innovation. Secoda's RuleSafe suite of GRC software solutions is built entirely on innovation that comes from our customers' needs combined with rapid application development methods that allow us to quickly prototype and beta trail new pieces of functionality to prove their value prior to full adoption.

Clarity of Purpose

We pursue clarity of mission, communication and purpose at all levels

We specialise in what we know and do best. This philosophy gives us a clarity of purpose that can only come from deep specialisation and understanding of the GRC environment, the challenges our users face and where the industry is heading in future.

We are not trying to grow fast; we are trying to grow well. The differentiator is quality, which is a paramount driver in everything we do.

We Deliver Value

RuleSafe for Energy and Utilities

Our products and services are structured to deliver maximum value to all types and sizes of organisations, ranging from 50 employees in size, up to and over 1 million. Also we place no restrictions on how many different uses and applications that customers utilise their RuleSafe framework for. Some of our longest-serving customers have built up their use from one initial requirement to that of managing up to 100 areas of risk management policies and compliance.

Adapting to Your Needs

RuleSafe for Transport Sector

Today's business and regulatory requirements are complex and constantly changing. So it is vital that the technology and supplier you choose to help you fulfil those requirements can keep pace with the changes and provide enough flexibility that you can adapt your solution to all and every organisational change that occurs.

We produce at least 4 new major releases to our software each year. This ensures that your investment is not only protected, but continues to grow as your requirements do.

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