Customer Support and Resources

  RuleSafe how-to guides and information

Here will be links to a series of RuleSafe user and adminstrator guides and information resources

  RuleSafe Training & Certification

Secoda runs a series of customer training and certification courses for organisations wishing to achive excellence in managing, deploying and evolving their GRC programmes using the RuleSafe GRC framework.

  Software Support and Updates

RuleSafe is a continually updated and enhanced product which has at least 4 major releases per year, in addition to numerous minor feature packs and fixes which are issued and deployed as required by customers.

  Knowledge Base

Search the knowledge base for information on available fixes, updates, patches and workarounds

  Join the RuleSafe User Community

RuleSafe is used by over 200,000 people in various industries and has been helping organisations to manage and streamline their GRC activities since 2002. The RuleSafe Community of registered customer organisations and users provides a forum for exchanging tips and ideas on a variety of topics relating to the RuleSafe Suite and its various uses.

  Contribute to our Forward Development Programme

Since its first inception, RuleSafe's success has largely been due to the fact that we let our clients steer the direction of RuleSafe's development, by inputting their current and future needs and uses into the product development schedules for RuleSafe future releases. By contributing to the Forward Development Programme you are helping to keep RuleSafe closely aligned with your current and future GRC requirements

  Content Library & Knowledge Resources

As a customer and partner of Secoda, we support you not only with the best products and services, but we also add value by making available downloadable content such as policy sets, standards, awareness materials and pre-written quizzes to help you keep your RuleSafe content up to date and aligned with the latest industry best practices

Latest News

RuleSafe v4.0 released

World's leading GRC software adds 30 new features in v4.0

Cloud/SaaS launched

Low cost cloud-based GRC solution now available

User dashboards:
compliance gets personal

Real time compliance status updates for employees

GRC goes carbon neutral with RuleSafe SaaS

SaaS solution delivers paperless policy acceptance

Announcing PoliServer GRC Appliance

Integrated policy management & awareness solution in a box