RuleSafe GRC Management Solutions

Data Protection

RuleSafe for Privacy & Data Protection

You have made a sizeable investment in building your organisation’s data, therefore protecting this investment is critical. Loss of personal data results in adverse publicity, loss of reputation, loss of customers, significant cleanup or compensation costs, and fines. RuleSafe provides the tools, awareness and training to protect your important assets. It has been proven how involving all employees, increasing their understanding and ensuring their acceptance of responsibility dramatically reduces data loss breaches.

Corporate Governance

RuleSafe for Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is the organisation’s system of ethical principles by which the company is controlled and directed. These principles are aimed at ensuring the company is managed with integrity, and respects its social and environmental responsibilities. The key to achieving these objectives is constant communication and enforcement throughout the entire business. RuleSafe provides the framework to communicate and educate and keep everyone updated simply, and without overloading them with tasks and information.

Health & Safety

RuleSafe for Management of Health & Safety

It is the fundamental responsibility of any organisation to provide and maintain a work environment that is safe and without risk to health. Having plans in place and ensuring everyone is suitably trained can reduce the likelihood of accidents and their associated impacts; and thereby avoid costly fines, legal issues or reputational damage. RuleSafe delivers the ability to communicate and train employees and others, and therefore help to reduce the risk of accidents and their severity.

Risk Management

RuleSafe Risk Management Framework

Risk Management encompasses all aspects of an organisation's operations; including Financial, Compliance, Strategic and Operational risks. RuleSafe provides the tools to map regulatory and external best practice controls to internal control statements and then communicate these requirements to all employees throughout your business; according to their roles and responsibilities. Secoda have also developed a number of tailored solutions to assist companies in managing and reducing specific areas of risk exposure.

Incident Management

RuleSafe for Incident Management Planning & Response

Coping with undesirable incidents like technology outage, data corruption, disruption of business, fire and theft can have a devastating impact on any business. But having clear and precise plans, policies and procedures in place will alleviate the burden in the eventuality of such an occurrence. RuleSafe is designed to help create and execute these plans when required. Secoda also provides pre-written and structured policies and plans to get your incident management capability up and running quicker and with less effort.

Quality Management

RuleSafe at the core of your Quality Mananagement System

A quality management system (QMS) can be defined as a set of co-ordinated activities to direct and control an organisation in order to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its performance. To be successful a QMS must be fully documented and well communicated. The Plan Do Check Act principle is integral to RuleSafe and in the way it structures information about required processes and then 'scorecards' measurement data to monitor quality as part of the QMS's objective of continual improvement.

Document Management

RuleSafe's integrated Document Management System

RuleSafe has a fully integrated document management life cycle, ranging from wizards to create structured online risk management documents, collaboration tools, and a historical audit trail, through to a change-managed archiving process. A 5-level authorisation system ensures document security and integrity at all stages. RuleSafe allows many file formats to be uploaded to assist in your GRC objectives. Organisations have used RuleSafe to create their Corporate Knowledge Base as part of their operational Risk Management portfolio.

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